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Testimonials About the Pegasus Bundle

P.S. I am really enthusiastic about your products. Keep up the good work. I don’t intend to buy anything else every time. Then until you bring out new packages, I can’t resist and then I buy. :-)”

Amazing bundle guys! Already bought it. A lot of work put in it. It will save us thousand of hours… ;) THANKS

This Looks Effing AWESOME!!!! I’m in. :)

Congratulation! This Pegasus is such a nice layout pack!!!

We will probably buy it this week.
BTW: we have 2 Sites that have elements from both the unicorn and the mermaid bundle in the TOP 10 of Divis Showcase.

Joey – Netherlands
I want to thank you for all the amazing work you’ve guys done. We’ve just recently started to use Divi Den but we’re already hooked and we’re using it in every website we’ve made so far.

We currently own: Mermaid, Pixie and Falkor. With Pegasus released we were stoked and have baught it for our new projects. Can’t wait for future packs!